The Art of Good Food artistically produces healthy, delicious, and environmentally friendly soup mixes, baking mixes,  salad dressing mixes and Montana Dry Rubs.

Our artisan soups come to you in clear, biodegradable bags.

Our Gluten free trio of soups have really taken off.    Snowy Mountain Chili   ~   Three Bears Black Bean Soup  ~   Yellowstone Soup  ~  are all gluten free.  First, they are delicious so whether you need gluten free products or not, you will love these soups. 

Our Montana Dry Rubs have been an outstanding addition to this year's grilling season. We have used them on absolutely everything grilled, from veggie kabobs to burgers with fantastic results.




The Art of Good Food had its humble beginnings in a log cabin in the Nine Mile Valley in Western Montana. We continue that tradition today focusing our direction to include nature, art, community and honesty.

We produce Vegetarian soup mixes, salad dressing mixes, baking mixes and Montana Dry Rubs. Each of our products is made by hand with all the love that we use for our own family meals. They are visually beautiful (the art part) and fabulously delicious (the good part). Our commitment to using organic ingredients and not skimping on the details, gives our products the rich and complex flavor you would expect from home cooking, we just make it easy for you by putting all the ingredients together. 

Thanks for visiting our website and taking the time to be part of our community. We hope you will purchase and enjoy our products and pass along your comments to us and your friends. 

If you have questions not answered on the following pages, please do not hesitate to email or call 406-396-6926 for orders or information. 


We have a list of retail outlets that carry some or all of our products listed on the PEACE page if you prefer to shop local plus our schedule of show dates if you'd like to purchase at one of these events. 

Snowy Mountain Chili
Glacier Park Pink Soup - Product Shop
Kalispell Calico Soup - Product Shot
Life's Good Lentil - Product Shot
Missoula Minestroni - Product Shot
Snowy Mountain Chili - Product Shot
Black Beean Soup

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