Dry Rub Anything

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The dry rub is a marvelous addition to your summer grilling repertoire.  With the simple shake, you can add amazing flavor to any grilled foods.  Using The Art of Good Food's "Sweet" or "Savory" dry rub, you can turn anything from shrimp kabobs to hamburgers into gourmet fare.

We love the kabobs because they are beautiful, quick to cook, and the roasted veggies are a real treat.
Vegetarian? No problem... Did you know that you can also put an extra firm tofu on the kabob and it works just great.  Really delicious too!  I've even had non-vegetarians say this is delicious, what is it :>)
Sweet Onion - cut, quartered leaving sections with 2-3 layers
Sweet Bell Peppers - cut, quartered leaving sections about 2" x 2" or larger
Zucchini, Mushroom Caps, or any veggie that can be cut into large chunks for skewering
Optional Meat choices - chicken, jumbo shrimp, steak, pork, or extra firm tofu
1. Line up the pretty veggies and meat or tofu on the skewers.
   A helpful hint is to decide how many skewers you will make and divide up all the ingredients by count into separate piles.  That way when you get to the end, someone doesn't end up with all one ingredient or the leftovers.
2. Once the skewers are made, lay them on a piece of plastic wrap that is big enough to cover them completely.
3. Brush each kabob with olive oil and sprinkle all sides with The Art of Good Food's "Sweet" or "Savory" dry rub.
4. Pop them into the refrigerator until you are ready to light the grill.
5. Just before grilling, give them another light sprinkle of the dry rub.
6. Grill until the veggies are roasted and if using meat, until that is cooked to the desired temperature.

Not sure which dry rub to use?  The Art of Good Food - Test Kitchen recommends that you try the following:
Chicken, Shrimp, Tofu - try the "Sweet" dry rub first and then the "Savory" later.
Steak, Pork - try the "Savory" dry rub first and then the "Sweet" later.

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